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One of the startling facts that keeps being drilled into us is that an increasing number of the population are succumbing to obesity.

Therefore, when we found a product that can help you burn 278 calories more every day, we were immediately captivated. Here’s the lowdown on Capsiplex Sport.


What is Capsiplex Sport

  • Capsiplex Sport’s unique formula allows you to immediately improve your focus, endurance and energy levels. In other words, when you do hit the gym, you’ll feel like a new person.
  • However, as well as being able to get more out of each and every workout, you will start to burn more calories after each session. Studies have shown that the product will help you burn 12x as many calories after workouts – which will equate to an extra 278 per day.
  • These studies have been translated into real-life stories as well. For example, one woman lost 16lbs in eight weeks – showing that you can do the same as well.
  • There’s no complicated method of consumption here, you’ll just have to take one capsule every day and let the science take care of itself.
  • The manufacturers, Advanced Health, have now been around several years. During this time, they have become one of the most trusted brands in the supplements market.

Capsiplex Sport Cons

  1. Any woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding should not use the product without consulting with a physician.
  2. This isn’t a “plug and play” product – it won’t just work in the background. You’ll have to put some work in to experience the results.

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Capsiplex Sport, How Does it Work?

Capsiplex Sport primarily works by increasing your metabolic rate, which in turn allows you to burn a lot more calories. To achieve this, it relies on the following ingredients:

Chili – Chili, or capsaicin to be precise, is known to encourage thermogenesis. As such, your body temperature will gradually increase, allowing you to burn far more calories during a workout.

L-Arginine – L-Arginine has been included to eradicate the problem of lactic acid building up. It will encourage more blood flow to the muscles and prompt faster recovery times.

Caffeine – The manufacturers have included caffeine for the simple reason that it’s a stimulant which can provide you with more energy through a workout.

Piperine – This is another ingredient that has been included to increase your metabolism, again helping you burn more calories.


Will it Work For You?

Capsiplex Sport has been released alongside a lot of scientific research, with this concluding that the product does help you burn more calories.

For example, one clinical test showed that it can help a person burn around 12x as many calories immediately after their workout – which can equate to hundreds of calories every single day.

Then, when we have case studies such as the woman shedding 16lbs in just eight weeks, it’s a further indication that Capsiplex Sport will work for you.

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Does Capsiplex Sport Have Any Side Effects?

The only side effect that has been reported with Capsiplex Sport are possible hot flushes, with these possibly occurring due to the presence of chili.

However, due to its natural make-up, there are no further side effects to report.


Capsiplex Sport Price & Where You Can Buy it

A one month supply of Capsiplex Sport is priced at $47.15, with this down from the marked price of $62.87.

However, you can save almost $200 if you purchase six bottles, with these currently retailing at $188.43.

You can buy capsiplex psort from their official website here.


Capsiplex Sport Review Summary

Lots of products claim to help you burn more calories and get more from your workout, but Capsiplex Sport has the scientific studies to back these claims up.

Bearing this in mind, we would recommend the product to anyone who is looking to trim their waistline.

Capsiplex Sport4.208333333333333Jean Miles2015-04-08 10:43:09Editor Review
One of the startling facts that keeps being drilled into us is that an increasing number of the population are succumbing to obesity.

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