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Green coffee bean extract has been doing the rounds in the weight loss industry for some time and another has recently been released into the industry in the form of Chlorogen800.

The manufacturers claim that it is made from a much more efficient concoction of ingredients than all of the rival green coffee bean extract products, as we analyse in further detail through the course of this review.


The breakdown on Chlorogen800

  • Chlorogen800 is based purely on the green coffee bean extract; a component that has been scientifically proven to cause weight loss. For example, one study showed that on average, people consuming this ingredient will lose 17 lbs of weight.
  • To translate the above study results; this should mean that you lose around 2-4 lbs every month.
  • Green coffee beans aren’t just reserved for the science journals though. Dr. Oz dedicated a whole segment to them on his show, explaining how easy they can cause us to shed the pounds.
  • The major advantage of Chlorogen800 in comparison to other products is the amount of chlorogenic acid. This ingredient encourages faster weight loss when combined with the green coffee bean extract – and Chlorogen800 has around 30% more of it than rival products.
  • There’s no need to slog away in the gym, or combine the supplement with some sort of difficult diet. Chlorogen800 will make you lose weight without any outside assistance – it’s just easy.
  • The manufacturers are so confident that the product works that they have included a 60 day money-back guarantee to ensure that there will never be any risk to your pocket.
  • Chlorogen800 is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a firm who have been in the supplements industry for over fifteen years and have gained one of the most prominent reputations around. They can be trusted, and that’s because their products work.


Chlorogen800 Cons

  1. In comparison to some websites, the official buying portal for Chlorogen800 is a little difficult to negotiate and there are no official product ingredients details available. However, these can be obtained via other sources.
  2. It is currently only possible to buy Chlorogen800 through the internet.


Chlorogen800 – How does it work?

Contrary to what the marketing spiel might suggest, this isn’t a product which is going to act as your coffee replacement. While it is based on green coffee bean extract, this doesn’t unfortunately mimic the taste of the coffee that we all know and love.

Instead, the green coffee beans contain high levels of chlorogenic acid and this is the magic component that helps us shed the pounds. While it is mainly regarded in health circles as boasting great benefits in relation to heart disease and diabetes, it is also able to manipulate how the body handles fats and carbohydrates.

Ultimately, it improves the efficiency of our metabolism and makes it much harder to put on weight – even when we’re just sticking to our regular diet.


Will Chlorogen800 work for you?

This question can be answered purely through the study that was conducted several years ago in the Diabetes,

Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal. In that sample trial, without any additional exercise or diet plan, participants lost 17 lbs over a period of twenty two weeks.

This equated to an average of 10% reduction in body fat and when you consider that Chlorogen800 contains more of the crucial chlorogenic acid than most rival products, little else needs to be said about the subject.

Chlorogen 800


Does Chlorogen 800 have side effects?

Chlorogen800 is based on a natural make-up of ingredients and as such, no side effects have yet been reported.


Chlorogen800 Price and Where to Buy it

At the moment, Chlorogen 800 is based on three separate packages. The basic version is the one month supply, with this costing $44.95. Discounts are available if you purchase in bulk, with a six month package priced at $194.95.

You can buy it from their official website.


Chlorogen 800 review summary

We all know green coffee bean extract helps us to lose weight; the scientific studies have shown this time and time again over the years. The difference with Chlorogen800 is the amount of chlorogenic acid that is included though and when you take this into account, you have to wonder why you’d opt for any other green coffee bean product that doesn’t have such large quantities of this component in.

Chlorogen 800 3.9166666666666665Jean Miles2014-09-24 11:15:07Editor Review
Green coffee bean extract has been doing the rounds in the weight loss industry for some time and another has recently been released in…

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