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It sounds almost too good to be true; the act of drinking tea and losing weight at the same time. However, that’s exactly what the manufacturers behind Cho-Yung claim, with the ingredients within this product said to encourage the weight loss process and allow us to shed the pounds much more easily.

We’ll now take a look at whether the above really is true, and if you can lose weight by doing something so simple…


The Breakdown on Cho-Yung Tea

  • Cho-Yung isn’t based on some complicated method of consumption; it really is like making your standard cup of tea. The difference is its concoction of ingredients, which mean that you’ll be losing weight at the same time.
  • As well as the weight loss, the ingredients promote increased energy, better skin and better oral health. In other words, you’ll improve your general wellbeing and feel, as well as look, that much better.
  • It also isn’t based on myths or fads; Cho-Yung uses ingredients that will break down and burn the fat that is stored in your body. This is a proven method of weight loss; it’s not something that just “might” work.
  • Cho-Yung is also backed by medical studies, with one showing a mean weight loss of 1.53kg in just five weeks.
  • The manufacturers have been covered by some of the biggest media organisations in the world including the Daily Express, Hello! and OK! Magazine. These publications only showcase companies and products that are reputable and successful.


Cho-Yung Tea Cons

  1. Don’t expect to lose weight if you continue to eat a high-fat diet. The way in which the product works means that those people who do this will not be successful; it needs some work on your part.
  2. It is not recommended to try this product if you are pregnant.


Cho-Yung Tea – How Does it Work?

Cho-Yung works on the principle of fat oxidation; which involves the body’s fat reserves being burned as fuel.

It’s an extremely simple scientific equation, with the manufacturers relying on some of the following ingredients to achieve it and ultimately allow you to lose weight:

Oolong Tea: This is actually a traditional tea leaf, although it is dried and treated to prevent oxidation. Without this the product would be tasteless.

Lotus Leaf: This is one of the more important components, with the Lotus Leaf optimising our digestion and metabolism to allow us to burn fat at more efficient rates.

Stevia: A natural sweetener, Stevia is known to enhance insulin production which not only aids with hypertension, but can aid with our energy levels.

cho yung tea


Will Cho-Yung Work For You?

While Cho-Yung has hit the shelves with plenty of endorsements from experts and some really impressive customer reviews, the biggest sign of its effectiveness came in the form of the medical trial.

Conducted over a period of just five weeks, it was found that those participants who drank Cho-Yang tea saw their body weight drop by a mean of 1.53kg and their total fat by 1.38kg.

The test focussed on both male and female participants, proving to us that this product can work for anyone who tries it.


Does Cho-Yung have side effects?

While Cho-Yung is based on 100% natural ingredients, some people have been known to experience loose bowel movements due to the way in which the product breaks down fat.


Cho-Yung Tea Price And Where to Buy it

A basic bag of Cho-Yung costs £39, although this can fall to £29 if you opt to purchase a six package bundle. In other words, the more you buy, the more you save.

You can buy Cho Yung Tea from the official website.


Cho-Yung Review Summary

We’re still trying to get over the fact thERat a cup of tea (or two, as the instructions advise) can aid so significantly with weight loss.

However, the medical studies associated with Cho-Yung say that they do and this for us is sufficient evidence to suggest that you should at least try the product if you are looking for a simple and hassle-free method to shed the pounds.

Cho-Yung Tea2.9166666666666665Jean Miles2014-11-23 16:08:17It sounds almost too good to be true; the act of drinking tea and losing weight at the same time. However, that’s exactly what the manufacturers behin…

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