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In comparison to most weight loss products out there, there’s no doubt that CLA is one of the most unique.

Short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, the product is designed to be a supplement for existing weight management programmes, and not just a quick fix.

Taking this into account, CLA certainly appears to be a more realistic solution to tackling weight loss, although we’ll now take a look at the product in detail through the course of this review.


The Breakdown on CLA

  • CLA is a fatty free acid that occurs naturally in a lot of products such as cheese and meats. However, it is only prevalent in these products in small doses, with this product looking to provide you with a boost of CLA.
  • In increasing the amount of CLA that your body consumes, medical studies have revealed that there is more of a chance that your body fat will be reduced.
  • To promote this reduction in fat, CLA increases the rate of your metabolism, encourages muscle growth and even lowers insulin resistance.
  • The manufacturers claim that customers will see the most progress on their abdominal region, with CLA targeting this first.
  • It’s possible to purchase CLA with absolutely no financial risk, with the manufacturers including a generous 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • As well as this, there is also a complimentary seven day diet plan that can be downloaded.
  • One bottle of CLA can last up to ninety days, with some patients just taking one capsule every day.


CLA Cons

  1. · The manufacturers have stated that anybody who is taking any existing medication should not use CLA.
  2. · You will not be able to acquire CLA free of charge, as it does not qualify for NHS prescriptions.


How Does it Work?

The way in which CLA works is quite remarkable and it is interesting to see how the manufacturers have adapted this product from its standard use.

Normally, CLA is prevalent in foods such as meat and milk, although the small quantities of the component mean that it is not effective for weight loss means.

Therefore, the manufacturers have devised a capsule which contains a large amount of the supplement, in a bid to maximise the advantages.

IMPORTANT: You need 1000mg caspules, as mentionned by Dr OZ.

cla bottle

cla ingredients - dr oz recommendation

cla nutritional info


The main way in which the product works is by burning calories at a highly efficient rate.

It does this via numerous approaches, with one being an increase in your metabolic rate. This will cause your body to work faster, and therefore burn calories much more quickly.

In addition to this, CLA is known to promote muscle growth and again, this helps burn fat without you even realising. (muscles need more energy than fat, therefore you burn more calories than usual, and you can lose weight even with your usual eating habits)

CLA takes on further approaches in an effort to help you lose weight, with a decreased insulin resistance being one of these. As well as protecting you from the threat of Diabetes, this can also help muscles use fat more efficiently.


Will CLA Work For You?

When searching for the latest weight loss products, it’s not unusual to see countless customer reviews on each one. Unfortunately, this is an area in which CLA lacks, with the product being relatively new and therefore being at the focus of minimal reviews.

Nevertheless, it would be inaccurate to say that there is zero feedback available. Of the few reviews that are available, the vast majority are very positive with many customers stating that the difference in their abdominal regions is noticeable after just a few weeks.

Furthermore, these patients have not just realised a reduction in fat around these parts of the body, but they have also seen their muscles become more defined.

Admittedly, most of these results have come with a combination of exercise, but this really should be expected from a reputable weight loss capsule.

With reviews being at a premium, you can at least explore certain studies which concentrate on CLA. For example, one highlighted that a daily dose of CLA prompted the maximum loss in body fat.

Admittedly, further research is still required, but the initial studies are certainly encouraging and suggest that CLA has a very good chance of working for you.


Does CLA Have Side Effects?

Experts believe that CLA is generally safe, although some patients might suffer from digestive issues such as diarrhoea, nausea or an upset stomach.


CLA Supplement Price And Where to Buy it

The product we reviewed is from Bauer Nutrition, a leading and trusted dietary supplements manufacturer.

Their product meets all the criteria specified by Doctor Mehmet Oz, and it costs £19.95 / $29.95, which is great compared to other supplements with the same ingredients.

You can buy CLA from the official website here.

CLA Supplement Review Summary

CLA appears to be a realistic solution to weight loss, with the product at least demanding some exercise from its patients.

While it appears to be quite a new item, customer reviews are at least starting to be published which suggests it could be a very popular weight loss product in the near future.

CLA4.25Jean Miles2015-12-16 12:09:20Editor Review
In comparison to most weight loss products out there, there’s no doubt that CLA is one of the most unique.

Short for Conjugated Lin…

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  1. Emma says:
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    Just leaving a quick review here to say that I’m pretty much satisfied with this product. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now, taking three pills per day (3 grams total) and I lost a bit over 7 pounds till now !

    I’m happy with the results simply because nothing was working for me before.

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