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Fat burning products seem to be released left, right and centre – but very few of these are backed up by concrete facts.

FenBurn seemingly goes against the norm and with the product hitting the market with significant clinical evidence; it’s something that we were intrigued to review.

The Breakdown on Fenburn

  • FenBurn isn’t based on some complex formula; it simply speeds up your metabolism through its unique concoction of ingredients. We’ve known for years that a faster metabolism can help us lose weight, and this is exactly what FenBurn encourages.
  • The product’s ingredients will also allow you to feel energised. You’ll be able to exercise much more frequently, and burn even more fat.
  • Additionally, its components will also work to suppress your appetite. This will immediately curb the number of calories you consume; and the results of this speak for themselves.
  • The product is blessed by some terrific customer feedback; with some losing as much as 2% of their body fat in two weeks. In other words, it’s known to work.
  • Unlike rival products, the ingredients used in FenBurn are completely proven and do not prompt side effects. This means you can lose weight, without any nasty irritations.


FenBurn Cons

  1. Anyone who is particularly sensitive to caffeine might be advised not to consume the product, as this is one of the ingredients.
  2. Similarly, the inclusion of caffeine and some of the other stimulating ingredients means that it is never advisable to take FenBurn in the evening, as it may keep you awake.


FenBurn – How Does it Work?

As we have already clarified, FenBurn is a product which is based on keeping your metabolic rate high, which will in turn make the body burn more fat than it is used to. To achieve this, the manufacturers have relied on the following ingredients:

Bitter Orange Peel: This is probably the most important component in the product and is primarily responsible for increasing your metabolic rate. It will also provide a slight boost in energy, to allow you to exercise for longer, whilst mildly increasing your body’s temperature to again aid with burning calories.

Oolong Tea: Although not quite as important as Bitter Orange Peel, Oolong Tea is another component that can increase your metabolism. It’s also able to prevent the absorption of fat, which is naturally a huge benefit in relation to weight loss.

Green Tea Extract: This is one of the most well-known components in the weight loss field. Countless studies have been performed which confirms that green tea extract prompts fat to be released into the blood stream, meaning that it can be used as fuel and ultimately burned away.

Capsaicin: As well as accelerating your metabolism and boosting thermogenesis, Capsaicin also holds the ability to supress your appetite.

thermogenic fenburn


Will FenBurn Work For You?

One of the most impressive things we found about FenBurn was the array of scientific backing that was behind it.

For example, Bitter Orange Peel has already been classed as the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra by the Journal of Medicine 2002, while clinical studies have confirmed that the consumption of capsaicin is hugely likely to suppress your appetite.

While scientific backing is all well and good, we tend to place more emphasis on the opinions of past customers. Fortunately, these tend to be generally positive as well, with some losing as much as 2% of their body fat in two weeks.

The combination of science and customer feedback leads us to believe that there is every chance that FenBurn will work for you.

fenburn bottle

fenburn capsules

fenburn ingredients


Does FenBurn Have Side Effects?

FenBurn is made up of completely natural components, meaning that no side effects have been reported at the time of writing. With that being said, if you happen to be sensitive to caffeine, it might be advisable to limit the amount you consume.


FenBurn Price & Where to Buy it

Already, the manufacturers of FenBurn appear to be making extra effort to raise the popularity of the product and have reduced it from its original price of $69.95, right to $59.95.

Additionally, if you purchase it in bulk, it’s possible to pay as little as $47 per bottle. From our research, this is considerably lower than rival fat burning products.

FenBurn is exclusively available online via the Slimming.com store.


FenBurn Review Summary

Armed with great scientific backing, and comprehensive results from past customers, we think FenBurn is a product that’s here to stay in the fat burning industry.

The concoction of ingredients seems to be one of the most sensible around and with the manufacturers now offering hefty discounts to customers, we believe this is a product which should at least be tried if you are looking to shed a few pounds.

FenBurn4.083333333333333Jean Miles2015-02-03 10:59:52Editor Review
Fat burning products seem to be released left, right and centre – but very few of these are backed up by concrete facts.

FenBurn see…

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