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Over the last few years most people have associated weight loss products with ‘pills’. Kou Tea seems to be going against the norm though, with this effectively being a tea bag that helps you shed the pounds. Here, we’ll find out more.


The Breakdown on Kou Tea

  • Kou Tea is manufactured by RDK Global, a company with seven years in the dietary supplement industry which means they ooze trust.
  • This is a product which has helped some people lose as many as twenty pounds per month. In other words, it works.
  • There are no gimmicks that are part of this product; it works by proven means such as appetite suppression and the enhancement of your metabolism.
  • Evidence suggests that you don’t have to exercise to witness the results; the product will work without any extra activity on your part.
  • It’s as easy as picking up the kettle and dropping the tea leaves in; you don’t need to memorize some complex pill strategy.


Kou Tea Cons

  1. It’s difficult to find customer reviews that are not based on the official website.
  2. At the moment no high street retailers have the product in stock and it must be purchased online.


KouTea – How does it work?

The formula behind Kou Tea is through three existing types of tea leaves; Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and White Tea.

kou tea review

It would be fair to say that Oolong Tea has been included primarily for health benefits, with its nutritional characteristics allowing it to guard against heart disease and a whole host of other inflammatory conditions. However, a small part of it has also been accredited with controlling the metabolism, with certain enzymes being attracted to the body that enhance the effect.

The role of Pu-erh Tea is much more important, with this responsible for improving the digestive process, supressing the appetite and also lowering the blood cholesterol levels. Just like Oolong, it also has several other health benefits and is meant to prevent heart disease as well.

The final compound is White Tea and while this is the element of the product that provides it with a pleasant taste, it also has other roles. It has been found to boost your metabolism, while some studies have suggested that it will lower your cholesterol as well.


Will Kou Tea work for you?

First and foremost, Kou Tea arrives with a barrage of positive feedback from people like you who have experienced success with the product. For example, one woman has been able to beat off the effects of university binge drinking and drop back to her original dress size of size 12, from a size 16. Another example showed a woman from the States who lost a total of ten pounds in the space of three weeks. Both were able to consume several cups of the tea every day, highlighting that it also holds great taste as well as weight loss benefits.

From a scientific point of view, the evidence is also there which suggests that it will work for the vast majority of customers. All of the teas that are included in the product have been proven to aid with weight loss, meaning that Kou Tea isn’t merely a fad that hasn’t been medically backed.


Does Kou Tea have side effects?

Kou Tea is a product made up completely naturally, although there is still the potential for side effects. A mild dose of caffeine is included within the product and in some cases, users might become addicted to the substance and even experience insomnia and heart problems in extreme situations. However, this is something that could occur after drinking a standard cup of coffee – so they are hardly side effects reserved only for Kou Tea.


Kou Tea Price & Where to Buy it

Kou Tea starts from $34.95, although customers are able to obtain a discount if you purchase three boxes at a time. In this case, you will receive one box of the product free of charge.

Buy KouTea from the official website


Kou Tea review summary

It seems too good to be true, but it looks as though there is finally a product which can help you lose weight just by drinking tea. The medical evidence is there, past customers appear to be satisfied – so we’d suggest at least trying out Kou Tea to see if you can reap similar benefits.

KouTea4.083333333333333Jean Miles2014-02-17 19:59:12Editor Review
Over the last few years most people have associated weight loss products with ‘pills’. Kou Tea seems to be going against the norm thoug…

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