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As some people may immediately guess from the name, LipoFuze is a product targeted at those individuals who wish to shed the pounds. The product has made a relatively strong impression on the market, with many people initially tempted by the manufacturer’s bold claims. Bearing this in mind, we’ll now review LipoFuze and see whether or not it really is as successful as it is made out to be.


The breakdown on Lipofuze

  • · LipoFuze takes on fat burning via several principles, meaning that you can target weight loss via multiple angles. It will look to curb your appetite, help you burn excess fat and also provide you with a boost in energy so you can perform more exercise.
  • · There are several massive success stories with LipoFuze, with some stories highlighting individuals who have shrunk seven dress sizes in a matter of months. Such stories not only provide inspiration, but also proof that LipoFuze can be very successful.
  • · There is no need to put any financial risk in place with LipoFuze, with the product arriving with a long 90 day money-back guarantee.
  • · It is also possible to take advantage of several special offers with LipoFuze, with some multi-pack deals allowing you to obtain additional products free of charge.
  • · The product will also help you tone your body, meaning that you won’t merely lose fat – but your muscles will improve in shape as well.


Lipofuze Cons

  1. · You will not be able to acquire LipoFuze by the fixed-price NHS prescription method, as the product is only available for purchase through several retailers.
  2. · The manufacturers of LipoFuze openly state that their product will not work for everyone – with 1% of past patients claiming that they have not lost weight whilst using the treatment.

How does it work?

As stated previously, LipoFuze attacks fat via several methods. To aid weight loss through such ways, the following ingredients have been included:


Green Select Phytosome

Also known as Green Tea Extract, many will have heard of this ingredient as a typical weight loss aid. The component targets significant fat cells that are prevalent in your body, with tests indicating that this statistically lost a lot of people the most weight.



The main reason for the inclusion of Chromax is for appetite suppressant. Furthermore, and its dual use is the reason why it is so effective, Chromax looks to improve your rate of metabolism which will allow you to process food more quickly.


Irvingia Gabonensis

This is another component that will look to supress your appetite, while also replicating Chromax by improving your metabolism. Again, this ingredient benefits from several studies to highlight its effectiveness.


Will Lipofuze work for you?

It was mentioned initially that LipoFuze arrives with several incredible past customer reviews and this will be enough to indicate to most that it will work for them. However, for those that are unsure, the manufacturers have initiated tests on their three core ingredients to highlight that they are medically proven to promote weight loss:

  • · Green Select Phytosome – When tested, it was shown how participants lost an average of 30.52 pounds through the sole use of this component.
  • · Chromax – This product was tested via official means, with the final result highlighting that participants took on 365 less calories, on average, per day.
  • · Irvingia Gabonensis – A trial involving this ingredient showed that in a ten week period, participants lost an average of 28.1 pounds.


Does Lipofuze have side effects?

Unfortunately, some patients may experience adverse effects whilst using LipoFuze. Examples of these side effects include high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and sleeping pattern issues.


Lipofuze review summary

All in all, LipoFuze appears like a very reputable product to use. All of the main components in the treatment have been thoroughly tested and while there is no medical evidence suggesting that LipoFuze works, the individual test results for these components indicates that it will be a very successful item for most looking to shed weight.

Lipofuze3.5Liam Burgess2017-06-30 20:52:26Editor Review
As some people may immediately guess from the name, LipoFuze is a product targeted at those individuals who wish to shed the pounds. Th…

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