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The fact that Meratrim arrives with the promise of helping you shed the pounds in just two weeks will be enough for some people to immediately go out and buy the product. However, as well as catchy taglines, this item impressed us in other areas as we’ll now dissect through this in-depth review.


The Breakdown on Meratrim

  • Meratrim has been released by InterHealth, a manufacturer who already has numerous products in the market which have reaped considerable success like ChromeMate, LOWAT and OptiBerry.
  • Meratrim is comprised of natural fruit and flower extracts, making it completely natural and safe to use.
  • The product only needs to be consumed twice a day, meaning that you don’t have to plan a schedule around taking it.
  • There are two clinical studies that have been published which prove that Meratrim works, with the average weight loss being 11lbs across two months.
  • Dr. Oz has endorsed the product on his television show, which is the biggest indication yet that it will be one of the most successful weight loss products available.


Meratrim Cons

  1. · The product is difficult to obtain on the high street, although there are a handful of reputable online retailers that already have it in stock.
  2. · Meratrim is still quite new and while it does have clinical backing and an endorsement from Dr. Oz, there are minimal customer reviews available.

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Meratrim – How Does it Work?

Just like every product in the weight loss industry, the manufacturers of Meratrim have conducted significant research in a bid to perfect the concoction of ingredients. While a lot of rival products seem to use very similar blends, Meratrim is based on two lesser-known components in the form of Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana.

Sphaeranthus indicus is described as a flower head, while Garcinia mangostana is a fruit rind. The two work hand-in-hand to break down and dispose of excess fat. Neither can be described as an appetite suppressant, which seem to be commonplace in this industry, but instead they combine and work quietly to break down those despicable fat cells.


Will Meratrim Work for You?

It might not be awash by raving customer reviews, but at the moment the general consensus is that Meratrim will work for anyone who takes it.

It’s rare that we will make such a glowing endorsement on the back of no customer research, but this is a product made by one of the most reputable weight loss manufacturers out there and they have already gone to the trouble of conducting clinical trials. One of these concluded that the average weight loss was 11lbs after eight weeks of taking Meratrim, with this also reducing the waist circumference by 4.7 inches.

We know that there can be some scepticism behind clinical trials, which is why we were pleased to see Dr. Oz conduct his own experiment. On his popular show, he had asked thirty members of his audience to take Meratrim for just two weeks. The results were staggering, with every single woman losing an average of three pounds and three inches. This was after just a couple of weeks; meaning that there is strong evidence to suggest that this will work for anyone who tries it.

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Does Meratrim Have Side Effects?

At the time of writing, no side effects have been recorded with Meratrim and it has been deemed safe to consume.


Meratrim Price & Where to Buy it

While the regular price of Meratrim in all the approved retailers is $39.99, it’s however possible to acquire one bottle for just $31.99 at Vitamin Shoppe. This will cover the usage for one month, which should be sufficient to aid some weight loss if the studies are to be believed.

You can buy Meratrim from Re-Body’s site, GNC, Whole Foods, Vitamin World, and The Vitamin Shoppe online store.

The best price available is at Vitamin Shoppe and there is a free shipping offer right now so take advantage of it, Click here.

The approved Meratrim retailers are:

where to buy meratrim

Again, the best price is at Vitamin Shoppe, one bottle of Meratrim for $31.99 only, (Ongoing 20% off, limited time offer), and they offer free shipping within the US.


Are There any Alternatives to Meratrim?

While Meratrim was featured on the Doctor OZ TV show, it’s still a new product on the market.

It’s clinically and scientifically proven to work, but we can’t ignore the lack of customer reviews for the moment.

Our results from testing the product will be available in this page in couple of weeks. Meanwhile, if you are not going to buy Meratrim, we can suggest similar products with fat burning abilities such as:


Meratrim Review Summary

The fact that Dr. Oz has already covered Meratrim has created a huge buzz around the product – and for good reason. The study on that show proved that it helps you lose weight, and just backed up the evidence from the two clinical trials. Therefore, we’d fully encourage you to at least try this product, and we firmly expect a lot of gleaming customer reviews to be published over the coming months as this item’s popularity increases.

Still unsure if Meratrim is the right choice for you? You can check the right sidebar to download your free ebook that will guide you when choosing weight loss products.

Or You can simply take our quick weight loss quiz that will suggest a product that suits your lifestyle.

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