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Considering the instability of the weight loss treatment market, it is no surprise to see a lot of new products in this field taken with a pinch of salt.

However, with ProShapeRX boasting a special herbal formula and being featured by some of the biggest media outlets in the world, there appears to be a very good chance that this product could help you lose weight.

Bearing this in mind, this review will now take a look at the pros and cons of ProShapeRX and conclude whether or not you should attempt to use it as a weight loss supplement.


The Breakdown on ProShapeRX

  • The product claims to help patients shed weight in as little as seven days, meaning it is certainly a fast solution
  • Not only will it help you lose weight fast, but it will also help prevent hunger and cravings which bodes well for long-term weight aims
  • Contains the highly-regarded Hoodia Gordonii which has been established as one of the best weight loss ingredients
  • Unlike competitors, you won’t be consuming any stimulants such as caffeine, meaning side effects are kept to a minimum
  • ProShapeRX has been certified as completely safe by medical experts, meaning that there are absolutely no safety risks
  • There is no financial risk in trying ProShapeRX, as the manufacturer provide a 30 day money-back guarantee


ProShapeRX Cons

  1. · It is not possible to acquire ProShapeRX on prescription
  2. · It is not the only product that prides itself on the use of Hoodia Gordonii

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ProShapeRX – How Does it Work?

It would be fair to say that ProShapeRX is made up from a huge variety of ingredients, although the following are said to be the most instrumental in its effectiveness:

Chitosan – Many will be surprised to hear that Chitosan actually comes from shell fish. However, despite its bizarre origination, it does a very good job of binding fat and cholesterol from food which in turn prevents the body absorbing it.

White Kidney Bean – This performs a similar job and helps to absorb calories from starch consumption.

Hoodia Gordonii – Undoubtedly, Hoddia Gordonii is the most prominent ingredient within the treatment. This has proved to be a very popular component in a lot of weight loss products as it helps individuals suppress their appetite and therefore consume fewer calories.

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Will ProShapeRX Work For You?

Unfortunately, ProShapeRX currently doesn’t arrive with any statistical evidence that suggests it is better than any other weight loss product.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that it won’t work for you, as previous customers are indicating that the product has worked wonders for them and has allowed them to lose vast amounts of weight.

Moreover, in news that will certainly appeal to a lot of people, a lot of users have indicated that their weight loss has occurred exceptionally fast.

Some have reported a loss of 5lbs in a week, while some have burnt as much as 4lbs in just three days.

To make matters more enticing, ProShapeRX has been featured in a positive light over various major media outlets.

The likes of BBC News, CBS News and MSNBC have all covered the product and this should provide plenty of potential customers with confidence that the treatment will help them shed the pounds.

proshape rx review


Does ProShapeRX have side effects?

Fortunately, there are no known side effects associated with ProShapeRX. This could be due to the fact that all ingredients are herbal, which minimises the chances of adverse effects instantly.


ProShape RX Price and Where to Buy it

1 month supply costs $68.95.

But like any products on the market today, buying in bulk according to your weight loss goals will save you some money.

The biggest package (12 months supply) costs $330.95, so that’s under$28 per month + you get 3 free gifts.

The best value though is in the 6 month package.

You can buy pro shape rx from its official website right here.


ProShapeRX Review Summary

Even though there are no hard statistics associated with ProShapeRX, that doesn’t mean to say that the product isn’t successful.

ProShapeRX actually arrives with many positive reviews and due to the fact it utilises the renowned weight loss ingredient of Hoodia Gordonii, it should at least be considered for your weight loss needs.

ProShapeRX3.3333333333333335Jean Miles2022-10-17 19:20:06Editor Review
Considering the instability of the weight loss treatment market, it is no surprise to see a lot of new products in this field taken wit…

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