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Brought to the market by Optimum Nutra, SuperFruit Slim has hit the shelves with several interesting promises that suggest it could be a Godsend for anyone who is looking to manage their weight.

Here, we see if the marketing behind the product really does make sense as we review SuperFruit Slim in detail.


The breakdown on SuperFruit Slim

  • SuperFruit Slim might be based on an advanced natural formula, but it supports weight loss in umpteen simple ways. It will suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and give you more energy to burn away calories. It’s simple science that works.
  • Let’s highlight the ‘natural’ factor here. Gone are the days of side effects, this product is based on natural ingredients which mean that you won’t experience any nasty reactions.
  • As well as the science, SuperFruit Slim is built on real results. Some women have lost over 23kg – it can transform the above-average body to slim.
  • If you are one of the few people who don’t experience success with SuperFruit Slim, you can obtain your money back in the first thirty days.
  • Optimum Nutra are the firm behind the product and considering all of their success over the last few years, they can certainly be trusted.


SuperFruit Slim Cons

  1. While some people will lose a small amount of weight without dieting or exercising, the best results occur if you put the work in whilst taking this product.
  2. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid the product as insufficient research has been conducted regarding the effects the ingredients have on these women.


SuperFruit Slim – How does it work?

As we have already highlighted, SuperFruit Slim is comprised of purely natural ingredients. The following four are regarded as the main ones which make it tick:

Acai Berry: Anyone who has studied weight loss over the years will know the effects of acai berry. It’s renowned to say the least and as well as being clinically proven to help you shed the pounds, it will also boost your digestive and cardiovascular health.

CoEnzyme Q10 – One of the lesser-known ingredients is CoEnzyme Q10. This can boost your physical and mental performance to an extent where you get even more out of each day and therefore burn more calories.

African Mango – This is the ingredient that can suppress your appetite and prevent you from frequently diving for snacks.

Green Tea – Another renowned weight loss component, green tea can promote thermogenesis. This will gradually increase your body’s temperature so it burns more calories without you even noticing.


Will SuperFruit Slim work for you?

Over the years Optimum Nutra have developed a really impressive reputation within the supplements industry, but it’s actually the user feedback behind this product which excites us the most.

Some of the success stories are beyond comprehendible. For example, one woman lost 23kg in no time at all, while there were many others who were comfortably shedding 5-15kg.

When you consider the scientific backing as well as these testimonials, we firmly believe that this could be a real aid when it comes to weight loss.

Does SuperFruit Slim have side effects?

SuperFruit Slim is comprised naturally and this means that no side effects have ever been reported.


SuperFruit Slim Price and Where to buy

One bottle of SuperFruit Slim is currently available for £34.95, with the manufacturers suggesting that this is suitable for anyone who wishes to lose 3-10lbs. For those of you who are looking to shed slightly more, there are larger packages.

The two bottle option, designed if you are looking to lose 10-20lbs, comes in at £54.95 which represents a really impressive saving. However, the big discount comes in with the top package, with this £89.95 supply including no fewer than four bottles.

You can buy super fruit slim from the official website right here.


SuperFruit Slim review summary

Comprised from a selection of proven natural ingredients, we were really impressed with what we saw with SuperFruit Slim. It has so far caused some memorable results for other people and bearing this in mind, we’d encourage you to take advantage of the 30-day refund policy if you are looking to lose the excess pounds.

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