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best fat burner Over recent times there has been an incredible surge in people wanting to lose weight.

While at one time such a craze only involved women, men are also in on the act and this is why the weight loss supplements industry has exploded in the last few years.

Of course, we should hardly be surprised about an obsession with weight loss.

There are a whole host of benefits about burning the unwanted fat and being comfortable with your body, with many wanting to achieve their weight loss goals due to the following:

  • Confidence

    Few people can disagree that being overweight affects confidence.

    Most overweight people are constantly thinking about the negative thoughts of others (even though the people they are spending time with are actually more concerned about the appearance of themselves, not that of others!).

    Therefore, when one does achieve their optimum weight level, they start to think that all eyes are on them and feel a sense of renewed confidence.

  • Exercise

    It is a scientifically proven fact that overweight people find exercise much more difficult than individuals of an average or slim physique.

    Therefore, many people are looking to lose weight so they can enjoy forms of exercise, whether it is general sport or just playing with their children.

  • Health

    Of course, the most important benefit of maintaining a good weight is associated with your general wellbeing.

    Health experts make no secret of the fact that people of an acceptable weight are less likely to incur serious problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing and heart issues.

Following on from the above, it’s no surprise to see why weight loss treatments are becoming so popular.

With people seemingly have less and less free time available, weight loss pills take the burden out of losing weight by making it much easier for patients.
comparison between fat burners, exercise and diet

Our website is therefore here to assist you find that perfect weight loss course of treatment that will help you lead a happier life.

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The Different Types of Fat Burners

Thermogenic Fat Burners

thermogenic fat burners

It would be fair to say that thermogenic fat burners are amongst the most common in the industry right now.

The way in which they work is simple; they gradually increase your body's temperature so you are able to spend calories in regulating this.

Of course, it should go without saying that this temperature increase is by no means dangerous - it's minimal which means that these types of fat burners are completely safe.

Another way in which they work is by increasing your metabolic rate. This has the knock-on effect of boosting the way in which your body deals with calories.

The nature of thermogenic fat burners means that some side effects can occur, including an increase in energy and also a faster heart rate. This is because they are largely comprised of ingredients such as ephedra or caffeine.

The market has adjusted somewhat over recent times and you can acquire thermogenic fat burners which don't necessarily rely on these substances, but instead are stimulant-free.

If you have any sort of heart condition or are just anxious about these types of ingredients, these are excellent alternatives.

Regardless of what type of appetite suppressant that you use, a word of caution should still be issued. As this is a "stimulant" type of product, you will be putting at least some stress on your Central Nervous System.

This can cause problems in the future, including overtraining. It's always advisable to never develop a reliance on fat burners of this type, as it has not been unheard of for people to become dependent on them on a daily basis.

Our picks as the best thermogenics are Phen375 fat burner and Hyper Shred

Appetite Suppressants

burning fat with appetite suppressants

Next on the list is an appetite suppressant and really, the term spells out exactly what these are. They simply help you deal with hunger.

One of the reasons a lot of people pile the pounds on is because they can't stop binge eating, or turning to food which they really shouldn't be going for.

This is where appetite suppressants kick in. Instead of feeling the constant need for food, your appetite will decrease. It means that the days of having constant food urges are long gone and you therefore consume far fewer calories.

Most fat burners of this nature rely on an ingredient called Hoodia. This was first used by hunting tribes in Africa, who had to get used to going without food for long periods of time.

It means that it is completely proven and some people can last hours without consuming food due to the effectiveness of Hoodia.

The beauty about appetite suppressants is that they are another type of fat burner where you really don't need to knowingly change your ways to lose the weight.

Everything happens in the background so to speak, and you'll suddenly notice that you're consuming nowhere near as many calories as you once were.

Our picks are Unique Hoodia and Saffron extract.

Carb Blockers

carb blockers

Carbohydrates are something of a mixed bag. On one hand, some people see them as an essential part of their diet for the simple reason that they can provide energy.

On the flip side, if you binge on too many carbs, you run the risk of these being converted into fat and this is where a problem occurs.

Not only this, carbohydrates tend to leave you hungry in no time at all - which again means that you'll be dipping into snacks all too frequently.

Therefore, carb blockers aim to tackle this problem. The way in which they work is particularly clever.

They prevent the appropriate enzymes from digesting carbohydrates, which in term means that they have to pass through the body as natural waste.

Ultimately, you are consuming a lot fewer calories than you would be if you weren't using one of these blockers.

It's again worth mentioning that carb blockers don't require any eating habit changes whatsoever. After all, you can still consume carbohydrates - the difference is that the body deals with them in a much more favourable way for your waistline.

Fat Blockers

fat binders

On the subject of blocking certain food types, let's progress onto fat blockers.

As you may have probably gathered, the way in which these work is very similar to what we have just described for carbohydrates - only this time they have the same effect on fats.

To spell it out, fat blockers will halt the enzymes that usually deal with fats in their tracks. It means that fats are no longer digested and absorbed, and you are therefore taking on far fewer calories in the process.

Of course, it should go without saying that not every fat that enters your body is dealt with in this way - but it does manage to "trap" a decent proportion which can make weight management a lot easier.

In terms of the ingredients that are used, one of the main ones that most of the manufacturers take advantage of is Chitosan.

In simple terms, this is able to bind to fat whenever it enters your digestive track and then exit the body as waste. It means that much less fat is able to become absorbed and stored in your body - making the weight loss journey so much easier.

Cortisol Blockers

reducing fat with cortisol blockers

The final 'blocker' that we will look at comes in the form of a cortisol blocker. This is probably not as understood as the previous two in this category were, for the reason that not as many of us are aware of what cortisol is.

Therefore, let's get into the ins-and-outs of how cortisol affects dieting. This is a hormone in the body which tends to be released when the body is stressed, overt-trained or consuming too much sugar.

The reason it is bad for a dieter is because it can encourage the body to store more fat and if you happen to have a lot in your stomach region - there is a good chance that increased levels of cortisol are to blame for this.

The big problem about tackling cortisol levels are that there are so many factors which can affect it.

We mulled over several above, one of which relates to diet, but in truth there are umpteen and it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly why your body is producing too much of this hormone.

It means that it's almost impossible to manage it appropriately. This is where the cortisol blocker comes into play. Rather than affecting each one of the factors, it just works by making sure that your cortisol levels are much more stable.

It does this by taking advantage of ingredients like green tea extract, caffeine, L-Carnitine and chromium - all of which are able to manage this hormone.

By using a fat burner of this variety, you'll be minimising the risk of your body storing excess fat. Additionally, the likelihood is that your stomach fat will decrease.

Thyroid Regulating Fat Burners

thyroid regulation to accelerate the metabolism

The final fat burner on our list comes in the form of a thyroid regulator. Again, this is especially useful for those people who might be gaining weight for a reason that isn't entirely down to their own eating habits.

Sometimes the thyroid doesn't produce sufficient hormones which are able to help the metabolism, meaning that it slows down and just can't process food at an efficient rate.

If you happen to have weight management issues, as well as constant tiredness and cold sensations, there is a high probability that your thyroid is to blame.

Fortunately, thyroid fat burners can address the situation quite easily. They supply the body with forskolin and guggulsterone - both of which should be produced by a normal, healthy thyroid.

It means that immediately you are providing your thyroid with the tools to work effectively and therefore allow your body to process foods more easily.

It should be mentioned that the thyroid can be a sensitive area of the body though. Therefore, if you feel as though it is suffering from a major medical problem, you should always consult with a physician.

While fat burners can make it more efficient, if there is an underlying issue you should always turn to official medical advice.

As you can see, there are now a significant number of fat burners that are available. Here we have covered the six most popular - with all serving completely different purposes.

It should have hopefully been made clear that there isn't a "one fits all" solution when it comes to these types of supplements, it all depends on what you are trying to get out of your weight management plan.

For example, if you know that you are a binge eater who just can't say 'no' to the wrong foods, it's quite obvious which type of supplement you should be turning to.

Appetite suppressants don't require any knowing change in your actions, and the effect they have on your brain should allow you to continue to live as normal, just without consuming as many calories.

There are instances where your weight management can be out of your control though. For example, as we have just pointed out, cortisol and your thyroid can be major problems for dieters if they are not functioning properly.

This is where some fat burners can again work in the background and allow you to continue your daily activities, without making wholesale changes.

In essence, this is the basis of fat burners – allowing you to make the biggest change to your waistline without transforming the way you approach food and exercise.

The difference with some of them is just how they affect the body, and this is why it is important to determine exactly why you are not experiencing dieting success before you choose one of the many that are available.

How We Review The Best Far Burners

We have a strict policy in relation to the products that appear on our website. This policy is made up of the following criteria:

  • Safety of the Product

  • safety of the fat burner There have been several cases over the years that have cast doubt over the safety of some weight loss products.

    However, all of the products that appear on our website are guaranteed to be safe and we take into account all of the official safety documentation.

  • Guarantee of the Product

  • money back guarantee As well as the above, we try and target products that contain a money-back guarantee.

    We believe this is one of the key features of a fat burner and when it is inserted into a deal, it gives customers the psychological boost that the treatment is going to be a success.

  • Clinically Proven Fat Burners

  • is the fat burner clinically proven ? All of the products that are reviewed on our website are backed up by scientific facts.

    Whether this be through the FDA, specific product studies or even just customer feedback, we aim to highlight the treatments that have been proven to work by a variety of sources.

  • Cost Effective

  • cheap cost effective As you would expect, we are only going to review products of a reasonable value.

    This means that all of the products available on our website are financially available to everyone.

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